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To shop or not to shop.....and other shopping questions

There is no question! We must shop!! LOL!

Okay so we've been remiss about posting articles and reviews, but not to say we haven't been hard at work bringing you the best possible deals. The following is a compilation of answers to FAQs, Dos and Donts and what have you....

1. Can we shop from sites other than Amazon?

YES!! We can shop from practically any US site. Don't be afraid to send links for quotation here thru our website or on Facebook or direct to our email address - Take a look at our Favorites tab and see some of the most commonly ordered from websites.

2. How much is shipping? How much do you add on? How do you compute for price? Can you send me a quote via phone?

Prices are all inclusive, landed cost in Manila. It includes item cost, tax and shipping within the US, and tax and shipping from US to MLA. Shipping is computed based on weight and/or volume and tax is based on item cost and category. Our markup is generally very minimal (often less than the tax and shipping cost). Only additional would be if you want it shipped to your home or office once it arrives.

3. Do you have discounts, sales or combined shipping?

We always pass on any savings from combined shipping or sales or coupon codes to you.

4. How come you don't have a physical store?

We want to keep costs low so we can continue to give you the best deals. In addition, we strive to keep Gmet as a personalized shopping service so that we can be sure your shopping experience is as quick and easy as possible.

5. How long do items take to arrive?

For the most part, items take about 2-3 weeks to arrive here, largely dependent on the order processing and shipping time of the website/seller.

6. Once I've placed my order, do I get an update?

We encourage you to follow up on the status of your item about a week after making the downpayment.

7. Do you process orders for small items?

As we like to say, for the most part, there is no item too big or small for us.

Thanks and we hope to shop for you soon! :)

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